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1) Euphemism for "Communist" in the United States.

2) Someone who believes that Saddam Hussein had more of a right to live than an unborn baby.

3) Someone who does not personally give money to the disadvantaged, but forces other people to do so.

4) Someone who defended Bill Clinton when he attacked Iraq in 1998, but criticized George W. Bush for doing the same thing in 2003.

5) In the United States, someone who has never heard of the Constitution.
Only a Democrat could come up with such an insidious idea as raising taxes to fund abortion clinics.
by G-Max April 22, 2008
A member of the Republican Party of the United States, usually classifiable as fiscal conservative and/or social conservative. Fiscal conservatives want to lower taxes, eliminate wasteful spending, balance the budget, obey the Constitution, make government less involved in people's daily lives, leave public services to state and local governments, and trust the laws of supply and demand to ensure a fair economy. Social conservatives want to scrap the Constitution and plunge the United States even further into debt to enforce a fundamentalist Christian police state where propaganda and pseudoscience like Intelligent Design take precedence over historical and scientific fact in schools. Generally speaking, the former category consists of relatively sane, intelligent people, whereas the latter category is a bunch of stupid fuckwits.
Republicans like Kent Hovind, Pat Robertson, and George W Bush give Republicans like Ron Paul and Jeffrey Flake a bad name.
by G-Max April 22, 2008

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