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tight verbal game. that makes the ladyzz drop dem g-strangs. originated (at least to my knowledge) by the biggest mother fuckin mack u will ever see DUBEE aka SUGAWOLF PIMP.
"hey, did u see jayquans new perm? his ass thinks he can start mack talkin' and mack walkin' just cuz hes got his locks fixed up."
by G-BRAZY October 14, 2007
to have swagger like no other. created by a pimps body language and fine way of dressing. only affective if pared with a mack talk. originated by the truest mack in the world DUBEE aka SUGAWOLFPIMP.
betty blew me last night cuz i was mack talkin' and mack walkin'.
by G-BRAZY October 14, 2007

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