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The pre-game drinking at home while you're getting dressed, ironing a shirt, or stopping over to pick up a friend, that occurs before you get to an official pre-game, where you then get doused before you leave to go to an actual party/bar/any variation of alcohol induced debauchery.
1.) Eric pre-pre-gamed with three PBRs, then headed to Mark's for a pre-game with all his friends, then headed to the bar, where he blacked out.

2.) If you decide to engage in a pre-pre-game, be aware that at some point during your evening you will most likely spontaneously wake up in your bed, the next morning/afternoon, partially clothed, with a wet crotch and several UDI's.
by G to the B September 12, 2008
Adj. - Being unequivocally bat-shit crazy and ass clown retarded, at the same time.
My boss was so nutstarded, she replied to her own email, before anyone even had a chance to respond.
by G to the B November 04, 2009

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