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The act of waking a woman up by violentely swinging your penis in her face in a counter-clockwise/clickwise circular motion, while screaming in your best Arnold Schwarzenegger impression "GET TO THE CHOPPA!"
After John gave Susan a Helicopter Ride he made her a portuguese breakfast and then she was off to work.
by G stein April 11, 2008
When a grown man decides to make sensual romantic mastabatory love to his own penis in the confines of his dorm room/MAF SRT room. This "party" usually occurs while the lone man is vigorously crying and listening to Mariah Carey's new smash hit "Touch My Body."
"Hey Woodward, you wanna come out to the club and pick up chicks with us tonight?"
"No man, I think I'm gonna drink a protein shake and have a one man party."
by G stein April 11, 2008
A gruesome act that originated in Sidney, Nebraska where a person who is experiencing explosive diahriha (an intestinal disorder characterized by abnormal frequency and fluidity of fecal evacuations) drops trouser, bends slightly at the waist and procedes to unleash "pepper" on anyone's "tailgate" that is nearby. This is usually done at drunken field parties in Western Nebraska as a form of entertainment.
"Hey me and ol' Ramrod are going out to Sidney tonight to play pepper the tailgate, you in?"
"Sure, I love playing dodge the explosive diahriha."
by G stein April 11, 2008

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