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A disease that is prevalent in good looking women as a result of getting used to men doing things for them. The disease makes them lazy, gives them a sense of always expecting guys to do things for them, and a sense of knowing they can get away with inappropriate behavior. The disease also causes them to act inconsiderate to men since they know they can get away with it because of their looks.
Every girl at work spends one hour every Friday afternoon to write up their weekly report except Lisa. Any of the guys at work are glad to do it for her since she is so good looking. She know she will never have to write the report because she has Good Looking Woman Disease.

Jodi, who has Good Looking Woman Disease, got an A on the group project although she didn't do any of the work. Tom, Brian, and Tim asked her to be in their group because she is good looking and they did her share of the work.

Tammy was 30 minutes late for her date. She has Good Looking Woman disease and does not respect people's time.
by G Chan November 18, 2008
Another word for a vasectomy. A vasectomy is a surgical procedure where the tubes that carries the sperm from a man's balls is cut so the man is not able to get a girl pregnant.
Peter went to the doctor yesterday and go the ol' snipperooni done so he and his wife won't have any more kids.
by G Chan March 07, 2010

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