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chalga is very popular music in Bulgaria, no matter what the previous writers say...Its hard to believe to me that all the people who like CHALGA are stupid, alcohol addicted or whateva'...that is not serious....Yes its true that there are lots of stupid lyrics whit simple, shitty music, but there are most of good pieces also!Some of the singers are very good, having ultra-universal voices and abilities to sing EVERYTHING!The truth is that in Bulgaria CHALGA is popular, most people like to hear it when they take a drink or 2....and CHALGA is being sold...No other music is being sold in Bulgaria...So if a singer wants to make money of singing, he should sing CHALGA in Bulgaria...Because bulgarian folks say : "A musician does not feed a family.."...And its true, exept if you make CHALGA in Bulgaria.
a chalga song:

It Hurts.....
How much it hurts when you pray to me....
by G,Stoyanov December 22, 2005

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