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An upper-middle class preppy, country clubbing, New England town outside of Springfield, MA. Longmeadow is competitive, but not snobby. In Longmeadow, pee-wee lacrosse is more important than pee-wee soccer. Longmeadow parents drive BMW's, Audi's and Mercedes. Longmeadow families vacation in Vermont, Cape Cod and Nantucket. Longmeadow youth epitomize the preppy deadhead style, whereby a ripped bleached out polo shirt is fine, as long as the collar is worn up. LL Bean Bulcher mocs, or worn out penny loafers are a good look. Messy hair and boxer shorts tie in to the casual preppy look. Labels are very important. J.C. Penny knock offs are grounds for school bullying. Longmeadow's public schools are more like private prep schools. Longmeadow is sarcastically referred to as "the ghetto". Longmeadow kids grow up with a strong motivation for material success. Longmeadow is not to be confused with East Longmeadow. It is not uncommon to find a new Porsche in the L.H.S. student parking lot.
There is only one Longmeadow. It is the wealthiest town in Western Massachusetts.
by Fuzzwuzzy March 10, 2005
ACK is the call letters for Nantucket Airport, and thus ACK = Nantucket.
What does that "ACK" euro sticker mean? Nantucket.
by Fuzzwuzzy March 10, 2005
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