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3 definitions by FurbyArmy

The most awesome complement you can give a person! It is cooler than cool or even ice cold. Silly is the epitome of greatness, and a term used only to describe the greatest human beings on the planet
David:I shall find me a shark man
Charlotte: Your silly
David: why thank you!
by FurbyArmy June 30, 2010
A term to describe the awesomeness of any person who describes TV show from nick junior commonly referred to as little bear as its correct title, LITTLE BEEEAAAAAAAR!
David: Youtube has no little bear :(
Charlotte: I think you mean LITTLE BEEEAAAAAAAR
by FURBYARMY June 16, 2010
Slang for saving and/or helping someone in a situation such as avoiding stalkers or carrying someone out of a burning building. Most commonly used as a term for those who manage to keep the buttons on a jacket from receiving much stress.
Dude 1: I'm gonna sit down
Dude 2: Unbutton your jacket! Keeping it buttoned and sitting down could strech them out!
Dude 1: thanks man! You saved my buttons!
by furbyarmy July 22, 2010