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Some one who is well aware that what he is doing is wrong or out of place but continues to do it anyway. The more he notices that his actions are irritating it invoke more of their obnoxious behavior. See Ignorant Bitch for Female definition
A man on the Subway is talking loudly on his cell phone. He looks around and sees and old lady rolling her eyes he smiles and gets louder. Someone whispers I wish that Ignorant Bastard would shut up.
ignore anti-social Rude
by Funky Wagner August 21, 2009
A grossly overweight woman who thinks that her extra rolls of fat is somehow sexy. An obese female who wears skin tight clothing or short revealing garments. Usually associated with fat women skinny women also can be funky bitches if their hygiene is lacking.
Brenda who weighs 342 pounds paraded around the beach in her two piece bikini when she bent over to pick up her towel a passerby by remarked "that's one Funky Bitch"
by Funky Wagner August 21, 2009
A young male's penis not fully developed into a cock yet.
a very small penis.
Litte Billy pulled out his pee pee sprout and pee'ed on the floor.
by Funky Wagner August 26, 2009
A very Heavy Rainstorm with high winds but not classified as severe.
As Harry came in soaked from the storm he replied "Damn, It's raining Mightymen and Mutherfuckers out there!"
Raining Cats and Dogs
by Funky Wagner August 21, 2009

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