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6 definitions by Funkmastah9

To do somehthing better than someone else. To empress somebody to a large degree
I am so good at the Olson Twins board game. I am going to rock your face off.
by funkmastah9 August 12, 2003
17 10
A combonation of retro and funky fused into one word used to describe retro music that is of the funk type.
"Hey, did hear this awesome song on the radio?"
"No, what does it sound like?"
"It's retrofunky!"
by funkmastah9 October 08, 2005
3 1
1. Sexual intercourse.
2. Inserting your penis into a woman's vagina.
"That Wren Stevens, I'd certainly give her the ol' in-out."
by Funkmastah9 July 12, 2003
4 3
1. Something crappy.
2. Something amateurly put together. Yes, amateurly.
in southern voice "Sweet Tea? More like amateur hour"
by Funkmastah9 July 12, 2003
26 33
1. One who loves to party.
You have to come, Party Sanchez is here!
"I'm Party Sanchez and I love to party!"
by Funkmastah9 July 12, 2003
6 16
1. To kill someone.
"Guns don't kill people.. they liberate people."
by Funkmastah9 July 12, 2003
12 28