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An error that occurs when the parameters of a method are null or 'void'
Dis site UrbanDict gave me a 'javascript:void(0)' message.
by Funkay September 04, 2006
A type of programmer that is typically misunderstood due to the misunderstanding of what the Java language is, people often believe that Java SDK is Java. Due to the ease of using a software development kit, people who program see Java SDK users as half programmers. Java, however, does not encorporate the SDK and you start with bare bones, not even C can make that boast. Furthermore, a Java Programmer is more experianced with object orentation allowing them to excel in true software development.
He is a Java programmer, what a wus
That is JAVA not Suns Java SDK, why don't YOU try using C without "#include"ing the SDK files.
by Funkay October 08, 2006

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