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1 definition by FunkMasterMike

Don't get me wrong, Tennessee is alright... if you like fat people. I think that Tennessee has to be one of the fattest states in America. Mc Donalds is considered the only foods for many Tennesseans (no, I don't like Mc Donalds). Also, if you have something against overweight rednecks with a southern twang, I think some red flags would go up about this place. Oh, and NEVER talk negatively about them VOLS. If you say something bad about the Tennessee Vols in public, there's a 96% chance you'll get the poop beaten out of you. For future references, if you're planning on a vacation to a southern place, go to south america :/. Seriously.
Tennessee smells like poop on rocks.
by FunkMasterMike April 29, 2005