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A sexual game involving a partner whom is a sadist, & one who is not. When the sadist inflicts pain on his/her partner to get pleasure, he/she removes an article of clothing at the descretion of the partner. Continue the game as close to clothless as you wish. Enjoy ;)
Girl 1: my boyfriend last night was having one of his sadist fantasies while I was getting the shit beat out of me. I uggested we have a sadist strip session to even the playing fields

Girl 2: really? How far did you get him?

Girl 1: nothin but socks ;)
by funforall July 02, 2009
A game for 'couples' in which one person is 'A', and the other is 'B'. When the couple is together, you start on an 'A' Day. Partner 'A' can choose any 3 articles of clothing on partner 'B' & they have to take them off when Partner 'A' tells them to. Also, on an 'A' Day, partner 'B' must allow FULL ACCESS to partner 'A's hands on their body. Partner 'B' may choose one article of clothing on partner 'A' that they must take off when told to. Lastly, Partner 'B' must do what partner 'A' tells them to for that day. When the couple meets again, you go to a 'B' Day, and everything goes the other way. Enjoy ;)
Girl 1: my latest flame was so prude, so I suggested a game of 'A' Day, 'B' Day.

Girl 2: and how did that go for you?

Girl 1: well he wanted to be Partner 'A' & boy was he a surprise. He had me half naked giving him a blow job in 5minutes

Girl 2: No Way!
by Funforall July 05, 2009
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