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A Tv programme aimed at Children but has a larger fan base with students and parents.
Filmed on the Scottish Island of Tobermory it has wacky and colorful characters :-

Pc Plum - Raving Homosexual fancies Spencer but keeps his dark secret hidden by dating Miss Hoolie from time to time.
When his desires becomes too much he travels off the Island to meet young men he's met on the Balamory chat line.

Archie the Inventor - Once jailed for possessing kiddie porn, Archie now hides out on the Island making usless Inventions and spying on the local children.

Miss Hollie - Miss Hollie is the foxy cock tease, pretends to like men but refuses to go "all the way". She satisfies her sexual needs by having a lesbian fest with Josie Jump.

Josie Jump - Total Slut, Sleeps with anyone and everyone on the Island although a recent outbreak of Mull Crabs has put everyone watching out.

Eddie McCredie - Banned from driving after killing two old age pensioners whilst drunk in 1996. She forged a new drivers licence and now drives the local School bus, occasionally taking a detour via Archies house to earn a little extra money.

Spencer - After being released from jail for burglary, Spencer was determained to go straight but involves himself in petty crime such as shop lifting and stealing fish from local trawlers.

Suzie Sweet and Penny Pocket - Run the local shop although fail to make a profit and live off Suzies inheritance, Penny Pocket although in a wheelchair enjoys dogging every Friday night at the Balomory local park.
Watching Balamory makes me so Horny.
by Fun_B June 16, 2006
gay, fag, poof, batty boy, homosexual, ass bandit
Named after the gay club in police academy. "That BlueOyster shagged my brother"
by Fun_B April 29, 2003

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