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75% (Ex)Creed, 25% Myles Kennedy, 100% awesome.

Very underrated and talented band. Great singer, great guitarist, great drums and bass. Go to a live show, you WILL NOT regret it!
Too bad Scott Stapp had to climb out of his hole and organize a damn Creed reunion tour- just when Alter Bridge was taking off. No worries though- once Creed (aka the Scott Stapp show) fails, A.B will pick up where they left!
Long live Alter Bridge! \m/
Joe: What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object?

Jack: Dunno? What?

Joe: Alter Bridge happens, that's what!
by FunSlinger February 19, 2010
One of THE greatest singers in rock n'roll history. Can hold his own, right up there with Mr. Robert Plant and Mr. Chris Cornell. Is almost like a veteran in the rock music industry, in that, he has been part of several varied projects before finally finding a place of rest, in Alter Bridge. Has a 3 octave range and is also a very talented guitarist and song-writer. Truly a gifted and underrated musician.

Has recently been chosen by The Dude himself (Slash) to be the lead singer for his up-coming tour.
Sam: You know what the words "Myles Kennedy" is synonymous with?

Dean: No...

Sam: "Myles Kennedy" is synonymous with the word "awesome".
by FunSlinger February 19, 2010
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