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3 definitions by Fun on a bun

Is originally a show from Fuse but is usually used as a way to explain an event thats so awesome it makes you want to take your pants off and dance to the occasion. Thus, "pants off dance off".

Example 2. Michael's concert is going to be a real pants off dance off.
by Fun on a bun July 24, 2006
35 29
Is a combination of the words sauce and awesome. The word originated when trying to explain how a PAL's signature sauce burger tasted but is generally used to compliment someone or something to a very high degree.
Example 1. There is only one word to describe this awesome sauce burger and that is saucesome!

Example 2. Sweet, you are saucesome for eating here too.
by Fun on a bun July 20, 2006
11 9
Comes from a way of describing hot dogs on a bun. Hotdogs are pretty tasty and we all know eating tasty things are fun to do. Thus you get fun on a bun. Generally used as a compliment.
Example 1. This hot dog is fun on a bun!

Example 2. That mime is sure fun on a bun!
by Fun on a bun July 24, 2006
39 49