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3 definitions by FullMettleJAQet

A person of African descent, usually identified by chalky knees and elbows, rags or animal skins for clothing, and a finely tuned spear chucking ability.

Someone who intends to rip you off or scam you in some way.

Backwards Jigabu.
National Geographic often features full color photos of the Ubagij in its natural environment. -OR- Don't let that Ubagij near your daughter or your wallet.
by FullMettleJAQet November 19, 2010
A female who has had sexual encounters with every friend you know.

The Sure Thing.

A female who frequently gets hammered and tries to have sex with everyone.

An ugly female who you'd screw just because its easy.
What was the name of that skankduss that we all nailed at the party last weekend? -OR- Bliv, check out that Skankduss! -OR- Dude! she's a known skankduss, you better double strap and saran wrap.
by FullMettleJAQet November 19, 2010
A person who seems or acts oblivious to what's going on around them.
That guy missed the boat because he was being a bliv when the meeting time was announced.
by FullMettleJAQet November 19, 2010