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A river spirit in the amazing movie Spirited Away. He falls in love with Chihiro, because they're both pretty boss and stuff. Haku is pretty much perfection. So if someone was, say, nicknamed this, he'd be pretty perfect, too.
Chihiro-I love you, Haku.
Haku-I love you too, Chihiro.
#chihiro #love #spirited away #river spirit #pinky promise
by FufuBerry April 30, 2008
An amazing mage in on Sargeras in WoW. You are jealous of his amazing powers. Especially if you are the undeserving Gutted or Zandigg.
Zandette-Quantice, will you run me through deadmines?
Quantice-Yes, but only because we are both amazing.
#amazing #god #killa mage #masta #rad.
by FufuBerry February 25, 2008
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