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The act of scrolling through the friends list of a facebook friend actively looking for a person to be set-up with.
I was facebook shopping for a new girlfriend because my old one is a slut.
by FuelRod January 26, 2009
To masturbate in a condom. Effective for cleaning-up purposes.
So you walked in on me condomerbating, big deal.
by FuelRod December 28, 2009
A scam played on tourists in Turkey (mostly in major cities like Istambul). The scam involves enticing a group of men into a bar, usually a basement, with women. Once there the men and women are served drinks. Having drank their beverages, the tourists are presented with a bill for hundreds of dollars. The tourists cannot leave until it is paid. The barmen, the girls, the doorman, and even the police, all get a cut of the profits.
I got (metaphorically) fucked in that Gazino last night. The girl wasn't even attractive. At least, if you're gonna charge me 100 turkish lira for a drink let me drink with a girl who's not pregnant.
by FuelRod June 07, 2010

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