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I am God - German
Used by wannabe american teenagers on lame massive multiplayer online games.
Joe: Ich bin gott!!!!!
Clint: Ok let me get a gun and shoot you then.
by Fuckthepainaway February 16, 2005
Runescape was a major chunk out of my life(4 months), the only reason I kept playing was because my friends started playing. The game was a lame semi-addicting game, well atleast to me it was. Im sure there are alot of pushover gamers that have no idea what "real" games are on runescape and alot of the other MMORPGS you see these days. If you want a decent MMORPG try Shattered Galaxy (SG), great game, and you are aloud to get addicted to it without become a total jerk. ^_^
Friend: Hey wanna play runescape???
Me: Nah..that game was nothing more than a one night stand.
by Fuckthepainaway January 20, 2005
Techno bechno you don't know that you're a ho shiza maniza you love saliva chi chi bo bi bom bom bo bam chicka choo choo cha cha lick my goosh you stupid douche, your mom is a noggined who loves to be tabbogined. i love to rap and make up all this crap and act like a dirty ho thats just been smacked. do do do you like to poo with your dc shoes you skater wannabe gladiator, fuck you bitch why don't you go and hitch a ride from macauly caulkin. I hate you and your race you're the biggest fucking disgrace, why don't you go to hell and die.
Jam to my track and don't look back or i will turn you black0!
by Fuckthepainaway March 24, 2005
Simple. Drugs.

this is NOT happiness..runescape
Led:(goes to prescription counter) Hi, do you have happiness in pill form.

Pharmasict: Only OTC "drugs" here buddy.
by Fuckthepainaway March 05, 2005
Something between me and my girlfriend.
Joe: This is pure tainted love between us..
Jess: Don't say that,we will be together forever!!!1oneone(way too much sarcasm in her voice)
by Fuckthepainaway April 11, 2005
A videogame character from the videogame Hunter: The Reckoning.
Martyr: *shoots someone* I just ruined yo shit mutha fucka.( the martyr was black ^_^ )
by Fuckthepainaway January 20, 2005
When you fart into someones ear when they are asleep.
John: *farts in jack's ear* hahaha
Jack: Hey baby, I told you not to blow in my ear..
by Fuckthepainaway January 21, 2005

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