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A punk rock band from Edinburgh Scotland and was formed in 1979. They are currently one of the U.K's favourite outspoken punk band. In 2003 the band was denied entry into Canada which caused a riot, cars were burned, shop windows were smashed and a few people were arrested. The band is also known for kicking their guitarist Big John Duncan out of the band for being gay. John now lives in Holland with his boyfriend. The band is known as true punk rock because they are not sell outs and have stuck to their punk roots for decades.
PoserPunkOne; Oh em gee!! The Exploited is soooooo no punk like ugh true punk is like totally Blink 182!!!
True Punk: Bite that curb bitch. The Exploited is about as punk as it gets!
by FuckTheSystem123 September 24, 2008
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