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Meaning something is REALLY cool. And by playing with the double meaning of the word "sick" (along with "REALLY cool", the original meaning simply meant "unwell", etc) , emphasises how cool the thing in which is "sick" really is.

Sicker than the disease AIDS apparently.

That's what creates the "REALLY" presence in front of "cool".

Damian: "You should come check out the 30 pizzas I dumpstered from Little Caesers that I have in my car."

Rakeem: "Holy shit man. That's fuckin' sicker than AIDS bro!"
by From the bowels of Tasmania April 22, 2009
1. Synonymous to "hella good", minus the Californian-ism.

2. Really good. Fucking good, etc.

3. Goodness with goat-horns.
Example 1:

Dave: I just maxed out all my 10 credit cards and now I'm moving to Indonesia. At least I can buy an island out there with the money.

Rakeem: That's hell good bro. I'll buy my island the next reef over.

Example 2:

Rakeem bites into a BBQ chicken pizza, "Damn... that shit is hell good!"
by From the bowels of Tasmania April 12, 2009
A conflation of "fuck you" and "sucked in".

Hence, a more offensive way of saying "sucked in".
Example 1:

Keith: "Oh dude.... that shit was so scary I shat myself..."

*Heinrich Keith's arch nemesis overhears his toil*

Heinrich: "Fucked in you no business foreign in secure muthafucka!

Example 2:

*Rakeem witnesses George slip face first into a huge pile of dogshit*

Rakeem: "Fucked in you sack of shit!"
by From the bowels of Tasmania April 09, 2009

Example 1:

"I don't know fuck shit about that."

Example 2:

Johnny: "You got any of that dope shit?"

Bruce: "I ain't got fuck shit."
by From the bowels of Tasmania April 09, 2009
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