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1. Any (usually incredibly stupid) idea that can only and inevitably end badly. Very badly.

2. Any situation doomed to end in epic failure.
Mark: I'm going to hold this bottle rocket, light it, and let it take off out of my hand. It's gonna be sweet!

Everyone else: Wow! What a doomungous idea. You go do that.
by Frizz Connery February 29, 2008
Pronounced with a soft "Th" sound, like a lisp.
Also: Thlap Fight, Thlapping, Thlapped

A male who hits or fights in an extremely girlish manner.
Mark and John got into a fight after school but all they did was close their eyes and thlap at each other.

Stop thlapping and start fighting!

They looked like they were going to kill each other, but it turned out to be just a thlap fight.

by Frizz Connery February 27, 2008
Play on the word "carburetor". Any device used to blow smoke (usually marijuana) through to filter and reduce/eliminate the smell in order to evade detection. Usually constructed by stuffing an empty toilet paper tube or paper towel tube with scented dryer sheets, then capping one end with a folded dryer sheet which is held in place by a rubber band.

Abv. Spoof
My upstair neighbors are awake. Blow your smoke through the spoofalator!

My parents will be home in a couple hours. We should use the spoof just to be safe.
by Frizz Connery February 26, 2008
Pronounced HOMO-gnet

Also Homognetism (Pronounced HOMO-gne-tism)

Any straight and/or happily married male who tends to frequently get hit on by homosexuals out of nowhere and for no apparent reason, regardless of location or if you are with your SO or wife.

Due to the frequency of these occurrences, homognets tend to have well developed gaydar. They also get a lot of free drinks at bars.
I keep getting hit on by guys wherever I go. I swear I must be some kind of homognet.

Some guy just bought me a drink. Must be my homognetism at work again.

by Frizz Connery February 26, 2008
Extraordinarily intoxicated, usually used to describe a good marijuana buzz but could be used to describe any non-alcohol related altered state.
Dude, that stuff you had last night was potent. I was totally sploffed for hours.

I am so sploffed right now, I can't even move.
by Frizz Connery February 26, 2008
Someone who is a cheesy-ass wigger.
Wigger - Wut up biatches!? Big pimpin' fo shizzle!
Everyone else - STFU you whidiot.
by Frizz Connery March 05, 2008

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