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A role-playing-game originally exclusive to the Xbox 360 (now available for PC gaming as well). Overall, an entertaining and enrapturing game with an original plot and setting (which is sufficiently rare in any game with a storyline nowadays) Hours can fly by if you aren’t careful.

It probably could have been called "Mass-turbation Effect" also, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing at all. The game is chock-full of all manner of women with supermodel bodies. None of them are anywhere approaching "overweight" and all are wearing skintight outfits: Armor (aptly named "hardsuits"), medical uniforms, casual wear and spacesuits are all form-fitting. Even the Alien ladies sport a homosapien figure... Players can even choose to set the main character as a woman which allows them to stare at their perfectly formed arse whilst blasting their way through hordes of enemies on some of the most perfect maps to ever grace an RPG
Horny Hormonal under 17 Gamer: "Dude! I cant buy Mass effect because it's rated 'M'! Can you believe that?"

Horny Hormonal 17+ Gamer: "Sucks for you! But anyways, it shoulda been rated 'T' for 'T&A throughout' Bow chicka wow wow!"

ESRB Notice: “This game is highly conducive to masturbation. Hand to penis interactions not rated by the ESRB”
by Frio_Frijoles May 12, 2009

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