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A ranga, a redhead, a derogatory term for someone with red hair.
When you greet a friend or relative who has red hair "g'day Pumpkin Pubes!"
by FrillyNikkers October 25, 2010
Combination of 'elevator' and 'later'. When someone in an elevator sees you rushing for it as the doors are closing but pretends to not see you.
I really needed to leave work on time so I ran for the lift when the doors were closing but it was an elelater.
by FrillyNikkers October 25, 2010
A cullinary dish of Asian origin consisting usually of vegetables, Asian greens and meat which is cooked more than necessary thus resulting in charring or burning of the dish.
Fred: "What are you cooking for dinner?"
Ginger: "Well it was supposed to be a stir fry but I cooked it too long and now it's a stir burn"
by FrillyNikkers October 25, 2010
The naive belief that the weekly or fortnightly collection of money deducted from your pay packet for the purpose of accumulating wealth, money only accessed after retirement actually WILL be enough to sustain a decent lifestyle.
My dad's retiring soon. he's got $30,000 of stupidannuation!
by FrillyNikkers October 25, 2010
Combination of 'escape' and 'elevator'. When you go to the bathroom, kitchen, your desk at work unnecessarily in order to avoid catching the lift with someone you don't like.
I saw Fred holding the lift for me when I was leaving work but I hid in the bathroom and caught the escapelator instead!
by FrillyNikkers October 25, 2010
A person who has an uncontrollable compulsion to be sceptical about everyone and everything
That girl is suspicious of everything.. she's such a sceptomaniac!
by FrillyNikkers October 25, 2010

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