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If you remember somebody from earlier in your life and your supposed friend does not remember who you are or how you know them, then that person has facebook alzheimer's.

Basically, it is somebody who does not remember you, but you remember them and you want to be facebook buddies.
Joey: Hey Chandler, Gloria doesn't remember me from high school. She wouldn't agree to add me as a friend on facebook.
Chandler: Well, how do you remember her?
Joey: I like slept with her three times.
Chandler: She probably has Facebook Alzheimer's.
Joey: How come girls suffer from Facebook Alzheimer's more often than guys.
Chandler: It's because of lower brain capacity in females; well, you see, when girls go off to college, they have to make a choice - either remember past sex partners like you, or gain further knowledge in their college major.
Joey: Very intriguing.
by FriendsFan2008 June 02, 2009
This is used when a person raises his or her voice or gives prominence to a part of a sentence to emphasize significance as you would while typing in the digital world, like email, chat, and instant messaging services. In novels, books, and textbooks, these words would actually be in italics. Upper Case voice is like italicized words or wording.
A Speech Therpist: These are a few ways to recite the same sentence with emphasis on a different word each time. Each emphasis gives the sentence a whole, new, and different meaning. Please repeat after me:
YOU are a son of a bitch.
you ARE a son of a bitch.
you are A son of a bitch.
you are a SON of a bitch.
you are a son OF a bitch.
you are a son of A bitch.
you are a son of a BITCH.

This is a derivative of Upper Case voice syndrome.
by FriendsFan2008 September 25, 2009
It is a way to show how much of a douche bag you are. Facebook noobs are known to go crazy with a whole bunch of random, pointless, and meaningless applications installed on the profile. But the usage of facebook applications usually die down for most people.

There are only a few good, clean, fun Facebook Applications in existence, without ads, without spam, and without invites.
Joey: You know Ross has like 100 random Facebook Applications installed on his profile.
Rachel: Yea, he's such a douche bag.
Joey: Was I once like that, when I started Facebook.
Rachel: We all were like that at some point in time.
Joey: The only Facebook Applications I use are the clean ones, like gaming applications.
Rachel: Me too, by the way, I beat your score at Tetris.
by FriendsFan2008 August 19, 2009
It is when a person has a crush on somebody they met on the internet. Ideally, it usually is somebody of the opposite sex, unless the crusher is gay, of course.

The typical websites that people form online crushes is facebook, myspace, youtube, metacafe, online video games, forums, chat rooms, blogging websites, sharing websites, and any website with community membership and user names for each user.

It is perfectly normal to form a crush on somebody you have never met in real life. It is unfortunate, if you have never seen a photo or video of the person you have a crush on, but one can always hope for that sensual, affectionate, and ideal mate to be the crush.

When the time comes that you see a picture of the crush and if it is unpromising, displeasing, and it turns off sexual arousal, it is normal to shun the crush, and possibly block them out of your life (or for the website in question, at least).
Joey: I have been chatting with this girl on youtube for the past two months, and we have so much in common; I wish I could meet her.
Rachel: O Joey, you have formed an online crush.
Joey: Really? An online crush, eh?
Rachel: Yea, an online crush.
Joey: That's so cool! I bet she's hot.
(Another month passes by...)
Joey: Hey, my online crush sent me picture of her.
(After a few seconds of looking at it...)
Joey: Ahhhhhh! I am so blocking her on youtube, and shunning her.
Rachel: I can't believe that's the girl you had an online crush on. Ha-ha-ha! She is such a hog.
Joey: Yea, well she sounded cute in her messages.
by FriendsFan2008 July 21, 2009
A vehicle that does not stop. Enough said.
Joey: Wow, that car isn't stopping, oh no, it's headed straight for that fast moving intersection. We're going to see people die in a few seconds!
Rachel: Well, it must be a Toyota.
Phoebe: Just be glad that it's not behind us.
by FriendsFan2008 February 24, 2010

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