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A dumb natty ass girl who has so many STD's she passes them on to every one she meets. She needs to be a leper and go live in the mountains by herself before she infects anyone else. Her name usually starts with "k" and is a complete douche bag!
Dumbass Mother Fucker: Man she is so nice I really liker her.

Voice of Reason: Dude that girls is an STD Campsite!
Dumb Ass Mother Fucker: But I dont care my mom likes her.

Voice of Reason: Go to the clinic!
by Friends Against STD CAMPSITES! April 08, 2011
A dubbass nigga who is in a relationship with a STD campsite. He will end up with a rash on his dick because his hoe is so natty. He will end up with his mom who will put ointment on his rash infected dick. YOU ARE SO DUMB YOU ARE REALLY DUMB FO' REAL!!!!! RUN AND TELL THAT!!!!! CAMPER!!!!!!!!!
Voice of Reason: Boy why you with that STD campsite now u infected with her rash!

Dumb Ass Mother Fucker: Because I Like her Alot.
Voice of Reason: I dont know what worse being an STD campsite or being a voluntary STD camper?????? Ya' Heard!!!!
by Friends Against STD CAMPSITES! April 08, 2011

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