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Swedish guitarist and COMPOSER who is literally light years ahead of all the dumbed-down, power-chord limited MORONS out there and in here, who have not the intelligence or SOUL to recognize the Yngwie writes the greatest pieces and songs, so far superior to their little gimmick-laden tin gods, Vai and Satch, that their pathetic little minds can't wrap around even a fraction of the genius. And that he plays with INFINITELY more feeling and emotion, despite the vastly superior speed and technique - these morons think that effort and strain = emotion. They have not a clue about classical music and virtuosity.

So they say he sucks and his music is masturbation. Easy cop out for a bunch of talentless, brainless little worms!
Ritchie Blackmore + Jimi Hendrix + Allan Holdsworth + Al DiMeola + Paganini + Bach + Van Halen + Mozart + Uli Roth + Django Reinhart = some of Yngwie Malmsteen....
by FretMaster August 19, 2009
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