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1. an individual who's face looks innocent, baby faced, or too pure hence the term VIRGIN FACE.

2. Or someone who is a goody two shoes and is afraid to be near or talk to the opposite sex
Guy 1: Yo Nicholas see that fine ass girl
Nicholas: ye
Guy 1: go tap that
Nicholas: nah man that's disrespectful
Guy 1: your such a VIRGIN FACE
by FreshhkidFrontin October 15, 2010
1. an individual who continuously nags about watching the movie.
2. Is afraid of talking to people in the lobby of the theaters.
3. Basically someone who acts like an pesimistic bastard in the 'movies'.
Calvin. Dayumm! those chicks are fine lets chop dem bitches.
Nick. Ye Bro for sure.
Calvin and Nick: Daniel stop being a , 'Movie Pussy'!
Daniel: Fuuuuuuuuuuuck!
by FreshhkidFrontin October 25, 2010

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