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like a lot
"Cause I know some bitches that shot up a gang of niggaz" MC Ren-Attack On Babylon
by FrenchLascar187 February 13, 2004
Snitch in french. Derived from the french word balance
"La rue, ils sont dingues, jamais tourner le dos à une seringue
Retire ton string joue pas les baltringues
On aime les histoires d'hommes et de flingues" -Nessbeal
by FrenchLascar187 August 12, 2004
See USA. Nah just kidding!
Calling USA a democracy is a disgrace to Pericles
by FrenchLascar187 April 08, 2004
1. Interjection
2. a MTV Rap show
3. Something to say when you trynna sound like ur from the ghetto
1. Yo!
2. #yo, yo yo yo, yo yo yo yo, yo yo *wick-wick* WHA!!*
3. Yo! Word up! In tha muthafuckin house!
by FrenchLascar187 May 09, 2004
Internet in jamaican slang
"innanet aint polite man"
by FrenchLascar187 October 10, 2004
Caca is the french-speaking children word for fecal matter. Sometimes becomes caca boudin which makes it sound way funnier
Beurk on dirait du caca!
by FrenchLascar187 February 11, 2004
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