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Connecticut College, founded in 1911, all women until 1969, is home to some of the biggest stoners on earth. Contrary to the preppy image, Conn Coll is quite the underground scene of stoners and skunks. Located in scenic New London, its idyllic campus is in such economic dispair, some wonder how it could actually be in Connecticut--the richest state in the country. Alcoholics and potheads coexist in peace and harmony partying nearly every single night. Many attribute this to the lack of athletics on campus. However, our Division I sailing team (which throw the best kegs) is a great substitute for the standard frat or sorority, which are nonexistant at Conn Coll. Come to Conn Coll on a Thursday night and go to a TNE plastered, dodge a skunk (or a squirrel), smoke a bowl on the Green, take a trip to the Ridge and you'll find yourself never wanting to leave.
Connecticut College Camels rarely ever win but party like rock stars.
by Freeman 3rd floor December 08, 2004

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