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When you get a girl to lick your asshole and you fart in her mouth her cheeks puff out like a blowfish.
She was going for the bunghole so I shot her a big blowfish.
by Freebird September 16, 2003
Usually found in the wilderness, a cornback rattler is a long snake-like turd with chunks of corn in it.
I was crouching in the woods and almost stepped on a cornback rattler.
by Freebird September 16, 2003
A quiji is somebody who finds older people sexually attractive.
"I think I'm gonna pull tonight"
"where ya going?"
"Old Peoples home"
"You Quiji"
by Freebird June 21, 2005
No Talent Ass Clown
We fired that NTAC because he couldn't sell water to a person on fire.
by FREEBIRD September 24, 2003
Best down outside in the backyard or a field, the backhoe is a great novelty. Get your girl in the wheel barrow position and start walking forward. Ram your cock in her so hard that her arms buckle. She will scream as she face plants in the dirt then come up and spit dirt out like a backhoe.
Mary Jane didn't talk to me for a week after I backhoed her the last time we went camping.
by Freebird September 16, 2003
A joint so big (usually 8 inches or longer and 3-4 inches thick) that after smoking it you are paralized.
After we smoked that wombat Jeff rolled we were fucking comatose.
by Freebird September 16, 2003
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