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acting wack, acting the fool. making everybody look bad
"dang brah, dat cat be frazin up dis joint"
by freeman December 27, 2003
A fool or contemptible person
If the omadawn had known he had it all along, I wouldn't have had to waste all that time!
by Freeman July 07, 2003
A rapist who is feared by many for his relentless murder of his multiple victims.
Did you hear about that Aklim?? He raped and then killed poor Mrs. Jones.
by FreeMan March 30, 2012
1.The king of CLGA, the duke of SGL, the man of the glowing computer. His name strikes fear into the hearts of DDR fans across the globe.

2.Nerdius maximus siphilus , computer dwelling incumbent, affixed with racial slurs and mathematical aptitude
Hewus:hahah nigga please
by Freeman April 12, 2004

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