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3 definitions by Frederic

the raddest 24/7 action sports channel there is it has shows like firsthand,logic skateboard media,concrecte wave,insane cinema,worldbeat,and longboard tv.
Me:Hey dude u wanna go fuel tv?pro skater kris markovich is on firsthand
Skater kid:sure dude that'll be rad
by Frederic January 09, 2004
a violent stroke with the leg
Hobo:Can i kick it?
Kid:Fo' sheezay my heezay
by Frederic December 15, 2003
A band from yonkers new york, that kicked more ass at the saunders battle, feb. 12 i think, in there 1.5 min of play time than other bands did in there full sets. got a huge mosh pit to break out on and off stage, had a keg player.. (yes an empty beer keg which we drank at a party.) many ppl got kicked, hit, etc.. few injuries. a member of aids was the replacement guitarest and aids is awesome! it was total chaos and may god hav mercy on ur soul if u didnt see them.. sure there not the best band.. maybe not even a decent band.. but there set was by far better than MORNING GLORY
no example
by Frederic April 05, 2004