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4 definitions by Freddy Delahue

Someone who has a dick reminiscent of a chapstick tube in size and shape.
My friend Julian has a chapstick tube in his pants.
The only thing he can pleasure is a canary because he's got a chapstick tube.
by Freddy Delahue October 10, 2005
11 1
Someone who's dick is so tiny that it can fit in the middle of a CD-ROM.
My friend bought the new Britney Spears; then furiously had sex with it. And I said, "dude, you disc fucker!"
My friend got his penis all sliced up because he is a compulsive disc fucker.
by Freddy Delahue October 10, 2005
16 19
Someone who parakes in the act of having slutty coitus with dead bodies; a necrophile.
My best friend Jimmy is a corpse humper.
After brutally murdering his wife, Stan raped her dead body; and became a corpse humper forever.
by Freddy Delahue October 10, 2005
9 12
When you hold your cum for a couple weeks; then finally splooge and it flies out of your wang like a pouncing cougar and you scream like a snarling beast from the woods while you scratch the walls because of the intense cat-like orgasm. Hence, Cougar-juice.
I had been waiting for this night; and I shot my steaming cougar juice in Shirley's face. She almost went blind.

I saturated my dog with cougar juice.
by Freddy Delahue November 05, 2005
53 222