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Believe what you want, but I honestly consider this the greatest console FPS in existance. My high school buddies and I probably, no lie, spent 500 hours shooting the crap out of each other (Now, now, don't make fun - just play and you'll understand). We even organized a tournament (OK, now you can make fun). It appears kind of clunky to control at first, but once you get the the control scheme you like you start to pick up on the nuances of this, the perfect console FPS (Hah, Halo?! Please). The first time you communicate to your teammate that you'll be there to help fend off the other team's ambush in "ETA, 10 seconds", run up the stairs at the Stacks, grap the Grenade Launcher, and unleash the holy mother of firey hell upon those unsuspecting players below, you'll get it.

No, I'm not a Nintendo Fanboy. I'm not loyal to any next-gen console or company. In fact, I think games have lost most of their soul in the last 5 or so years, no matter the polygon count of your new fighting game. However, GoldenEye is sheer brillance. You need to spend the time with it, true believers. Get some friends hooked. Dust off that old N64, or march on down to your local GameSpot and buy a used one.
And while you're there, pick up the second-best 4-player console game ever created: Super Smash Bros.
by Fred Durst is a tool June 25, 2004
I have to immediately give it a 2 out of 10 right off the bat for not being the absolute worst movie I have ever seen; "Disturbing Behavior", "Cool as Ice", and "Leprechan in the Hood" are all far worse. Also, give it a 3 for Affleck at least making the best of the horrible script Martin Brest has given him, as well as for the Pacino/Walken cameos. But that's as nice as I'll be; it's pretty bad.
To say nothing of J.Lo's huge, bulbous ass.
by Fred Durst is a tool June 25, 2004
Incorrect way of spelling "SquareSoft" (capitalization, people).
Capital letters are what made Columbus set sail to the New World.
by Fred Durst is a tool June 25, 2004
Chatroom on AOL in the mid-to-late 1990's populated by militant 'net noobs called "regulars". Had nothing to do with sex in the slightest; the running "joke" (if you can call it that) involved a long-winded hapless explaination about the room being in actuality called "Org Y", or Organization Y.

Mostly attended by self-indulgent winners who would hang out every evening and bash the 10 to 15 year-old boys who would wander in looking to cyber. Some of these so-called "regulars" even went the creative route, creating unnessarily long chatlog scrolls with the newest popular sendkey program (AOHell, WaaS, et. al.) to give props to their online buddies and in general piss everyone else off.

Visited by approx. two females in totality from 1994-1999; one may have been named Katie (I'm a little fuzzy on this point since no one I know or have ever met would ever be even remotely cool and with-it enough to actually be a "regular").

Might still be in existance; I'd check but I don't think anyone in their right mind still actually subscribes to AOL.
Whatever you do, just don't ask to be a "regular". They get very defensive.
by Fred Durst is a tool July 13, 2004
I'll have to fine you. It'll be $10000 Canadian, or $10 American, if you wish.
by Fred Durst is a tool October 07, 2003

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