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Tampon, Something every girl has... therefor my defenition, Tampon something every Chick has.
Honda Civics are tampons... every chick has em.
by Fred July 23, 2004
Getting a penis in the mouth

i.e. raped orally
"Man, Dave's been getting zinged a lot tonight"
"Yeah, I hope he uses mouthwash"
by Fred March 27, 2005
a member of the male sex who enjoys being anally intruded by girthy dildos, thus resulting in the rectum being expanded to the diameter of a watermelon (type and size of watermelon pending on choice of dildo gitrh)
brian's fruit bowl has recetly been enlarged
by fred December 03, 2003
A tasty beer only found near Philadelphia, is america's oldest brewery. Often ordered by just asking for a "lager"
Yo get me another Lager
by Fred January 04, 2005
where I'd send ugly people if I ever came to power
fuck off to the gas chamber u ugly nerd
by Fred September 25, 2004
when people sleep with their mouths open they are in danger of racoons and other small woodland animals from scurrying down into the windpipe. the creature may become dislodged by tempting them with nuts and/or other savoury snacks.
i knew i should have wore my mouth net last, my pet dog just gave me an adams apple
by fred December 03, 2003
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