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1 definition by FreakingAwesome05251899

An Old English name meaning "Wide Riverside Meadow," or "Wide Island in the river."

Also a gorgeous heart breaking badass, and sees the beauty in life and people. If you ever meet one, treasure her. They look best with red or brunette hair, and with blue or green eyes. Lovers not fighters. They put people's feelings before their own. They are talented in school and/or sports, and love competition.

Also a variation of Sydney, which is a very popular girl name, and is also a boys name.

Sydney is also a city in Australia.
That baby's name is Cydnee? Awe, you should be proud, she will be very talented one day.

I've been to Sydney, Australia before. Lots of kangaroos. and flies.
by FreakingAwesome05251899 May 16, 2011