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Manhasset is a small utopia located on the prestigious North Shore of Long Island. The town is best known for its country-club lifestyle, gorgeous scenery, and famous celebrities. The privileged Manhasset students are mostly Caucasian, old money, and very preppy sporting Patagonia fleeces, Nantucket reds, and pastel polos while vacationing in the Hamptons. Manhasset HS students are born with lacrosse sticks in their hands and have a work-hard, party-harder mentality. Despite the heavy drinking and drug-use, they often gain acceptances to Ivy-caliber schools. Other popular choices include Boston College, Vanderbilt, and Loyola-Maryland. The rampant house parties would make most college campuses jealous with their multiple kegs and numerous Beirut tables. Jam bands like Phish, Grateful Dead, and String Cheese often blast from somebody’s Range Rover, but if they crash it they will always get a BMW back in return. Chances are if you visited Manhasset your time here was a drunken blur, but the preppy belligerence and debauchery is a tradition.
Manhasset is a lifestyle.
by Fratty_McFrat May 15, 2005

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