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1. Someone who is of questionable social ability.
2. Someone who is severely gullible.
3. Someone who can look facts in the face and totally ignore them.
1. I wish that guy would leave he is such a scientologist
2. Hey I just convinced Dave that Santa was moving to the south pole! What a scientologist
3. I can't believe you still think the earth is flat - what a scientologist.
#scientology #scientologist #idiot #wanker #twat
by Fraser Steen September 05, 2007
1. A femail friend with small or non-existant mammaries
2. A person who lives in the same flat as you.
What do you think of Emma?
She's flatmate
I'm going for a beer with my flatmates.
#chest #flat #housemate #woman #friends
by Fraser Steen October 20, 2006
1. When a non-essential, trivial function of a piece of software anoys you so much you stop using it.

2. When a non-essential, trivial fuction impeeds effective use of a piece of software.
I have to get my PC sorted out, my spell checker doesnt work, its such a bad techniggle I cannot use it.

The auto update techniggle on acrobat was so anoying I unistalled it completely

2. I hate using my PC at work, every time I do anything it asks me for a password. That techniggle drives me up the wall.
#niggle #technology #computers #anoyances #trivial
by Fraser Steen April 23, 2007
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