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Liking a status comment, picture comment or wall post that someone has posted on your facebook, Not because you agree with the comment, find it funny or actually like it but because you feel sorry for the person who posted it.

You may feel like replying to the comment would make you look as pittiful as them, but not replying will make you look like a douche, so you 'like' it to save face.

You can also use a pitty like if someone asks you something you dont want to answer, See example two.

Not to be confused with Envy liking
Example 1:

Guy 1: Man kyle left a really unfunny comment on my status about how the BAFTAS are a total set up, it was too lame.

Guy 2: Aw, Dont reply man, give him a pitty like, that guys the fucking anti poon.

Example 2

Your status: Just in town, Can't wait to get some food!

user comment: Hey where abouts in town are you?, I'm about and kinda hungry..
You like this Comment (Y)
by Frasemaster 5 February 16, 2011
When you like someones status comment, picture comment or wall post on you're facebook.

You don't do it just because you like the post or comment but because you envy it so much you can't think of anything better to comment.
for example if their joke is too funny and you can't top it, instead of trying a comment back you just like their comment, to save perhaps embaressing yourself or wrecking their comment or post.

Other examples are when theirs no need for a comment and you're just showing you're envy of their facebook comment or post. this can be on your facebook or someone elses, see example 2.

Not to be confused with a Pitty Like
Your status: Just watched the 40 year old virgin, it was fucking great.

Mark's comment: Awh man i I love that movie
You're comment: You know how i know you're gay?
Mark's comment: Because you're gay and can tell who else is gay?
*You like this comment*

Dude1: Man mark tottaly got me in my status about that new Judd Apatow movie, I had to give him an Envy Like.

Dude2: Yeah I seen that, it was a clear envy like, that could be embaressing if you guys werent good friends..

Example 2

Craig's status: Just had amazing pizza, weed and sex with my girlfriend multiple times on each front.
*You like this status*

Guy 1: Man did you see criags latest facebook post? sounds like he's having a great day, i Had to give him an envy like.

Guy 2: Fuck, I can't wait to get home and envy like that shit.
by Frasemaster 5 February 16, 2011

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