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The fart starts out somewhat normal then becomes louder and more choppy like a sprinkler. The smell slowly starts to linger before the rest of the air has been pushed. As the end of this fart nears it will become louder and more bass Like, making a thump. The last whisper out of the sphincter will sound wet and feel almost pasty like peanut butter. Once its over the little poop particles in the air hit your nostrils and stings your sniffer. at this time you need to make your way to a shitter cuz whats next is a mixter of air and wet poop. The shart!
All of the sudden the room filled with a pungent stink as nate ran through the room to the bathroom. Everyone knew he just experienced the ol fart before the shart!
by Franz2 September 01, 2011
When your life consists of getting your swell on every day consistently. eventually your arms are no longer limbs, but living breathing pythons resulting in you having to get a concealed weapons permit when wearing sleeveless shirts. Your abs will look like a tic tac to board and the veins in your ass will somewhat resemble the mississippi river!
Look at nick and nate over there in front of the mirror, alls they care about is their buffguidoness!
by Franz2 August 19, 2011
when you mix a shit load protein, a shit load of muscle, and shit load out heavy dirty testosterone.... Your dick gets so hard it looks like a garden snake just ate a pregnant 3 legged honey badger!
it was a typical saturday morning at the gym nate was spotting nick on bench when all the sudden nick noticed nates spandex burst open with a giant bonetein that hit him in the face!
by Franz2 August 23, 2011
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