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This word is simply a substitute for smoking weed, to burn or to sesh. The word bent is pritty self explanitory and the steiven was added for smokers to use it as a code name, so pople do not know what your tlaking about, when used in public.
"Lets go betensteiven"
"Dude the bentensteiven last night was awosome!"
by Fransweasy November 24, 2005
A code name for smoking weed, seshing, to burn etc. This is used amoung people when you dont want adults or othe rpopele to know what you are tlkaing about. The key word is Bent, which is self explanatory, and steiven is added for popel to notknow what you are tlkaiong about.
"Lets to bentensteiven!"
"Dude last ngiht the Bentensteiven was awsome!"
by Fransweasy November 24, 2005
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