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1. A bag for vaginal discharge at the end of the day

2. A complete fag

3. Something you jokingly call your friend when he/she is being retarded
1. "Hey Sally, can you help me find my dousch bag, some moron at that fourgy we had last night threw it somewhere..."

2. "Man, that guy in those fugly leather pants that tried to dance up on me at the club last night was a total dousche bag."

3. "Hey dousch bag, your cutting those carrots all wrong!!"
by Franscine the bitch October 19, 2006
1) Drunk as an Irishman on St. Patty's Day

2) Stoned out of your mind
The mo fo was so shit-faced that he brought a squirt-gun to school and yelled "I have a bomb bitches!!"
by Franscine the bitch October 19, 2006
1) n., MDMA-Methylenedioxymethamphetamine. An addictive drug, usually in tablet form, that inhibits feelings of euphoria and overall well-being. It heightens pleasure when you go at it, but isn't an aphrodisiac. Dehydration is common when taking E, as it masks feelings of exhaustion, thirst, and hunger.

2) Intense pleasure or happiness. Orgasm.

3) A song on DDR
Horny teenager: "I was so shit-faced on E that I jacked off in my pants with my mind."

While having sex with her 20-year-old-neighbor on the kitchen counter, Janet had the most amazing orgasm of her life. It was pure ecstasy.

Lazy crackhead: "I finally score AAA on Ecstacy! Bow to me, bitchessss!!"
by Franscine the bitch October 19, 2006
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