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Absolutely gorgeous guy with the most amazing baby blue eyes you'll ever see and abs TO DIE FOR. His beautiful, thick blond hair is just screaming to have your hands in it. Really athletic - looks even hotter when he's sweaty! Extremely cocky in public, but very, VERY sweet in private. Leaves you begging for more of him. His freckles are so cute you'll want to lick them right off his face. If a girl can get him she better hold on tight because all the other girls would KILL for him.
Did you see that hot guy walk by?
Yeah, he's gotta be a Garrett!
by Frans4Lyf January 08, 2013
The sweetest most gorgeous girl in the world! Friendly to all but keeps your deepest darkest secrets and never tells. Her long beautiful hair, rocking body, and model-like face turns the head of more than a few boys'. Her crazy personality draws many friends. Having a NeNe in your life makes everything perfect!
She's so perfect, she must be a NeNe!
by Frans4Lyf January 06, 2013
A beautiful Persian girl with a wild streak. Even though she is pretty and everyone knows it, she is very insecure. Be careful what you tell her though unless you want everyone to know it.
Why is she so insecure when she's so pretty?
She must be a Parissa.
by Frans4Lyf January 06, 2013

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