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The act of pounding the living shit out of a biddie's/whobag's gloryhole. Possible after effects include, concussions, vomiting, dizziness, loss of sight, vaginal reconstruction, scoliosis, hernias, coma, and even death.
Franky D-Wet: Shit man, da fuck happened last night? And why is my dick so fucking sore?
Meech: Bro, you were reDICKulous, you De-Railed the fucking life out of some who-bag. You should probably stay low for a while, they found her dead this morning with serious spinal injuries.
by Franky D-Wet February 26, 2011
Some fine piece of ass that you just want to derail the shit out of until they get scoliosis or die.
Bro 1: Dayum bro! You see dat Biddie over there? Thats some fine ass right there. Ive been mind f%cking her for the past 10 minutes!
Bro 2: Yo brochacho, dats my Biddie! I was plugging her glory holes all night, I cant even feel my dick right now.
by Franky D-Wet January 31, 2011

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