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1. An almost imperceptibly fake goatee.

2. A head wig used as a beard.
"Jim, I like that chinwig on you. Brings out your eyes."

"Huh? What chinwig?" *nervous*

"Oh. Nevermind."
#chin #wig #unnatural #mib #mibbing #goatee #beard #fake #imperceptibly #head
by Franklopolis January 02, 2010
the act of dancing to random, usually alternative-rock, music. Mibbing generally involves the bopping of your head, and the tapping of your foot.

alt. def. n.: a certain type of pillows, mainly used in retirement homes, made in Germany for the elderly
1. She was mibbing, trying to act nonchalant, but failing drastically, because she had Latin dance in her soul.

2. "this darned, new-fangled mib doesn't work!!" cried Mrs. Franchesterson-Gugle to the nurse.
#dancing #singing #nonchalant #chill #squishy #pillow
by Franklopolis December 28, 2009
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