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A man that is a player . A man that sweet talks the ladies and takes them to bed . Often considered permissible behavior for a man , but frowned upon for a woman to do .... why is that ?
I have a neighbor who has a hot tub and there is always a party going on over there . I peeked thru the fence once and saw happy naked ladies frolicking about with him . He is a ratcher , a real Daddy Mac .
by Franklin T-Bone Macaluso July 06, 2013
Something new
I wore my Brandy New Yankee Hat out today , the one Cyndee Bear got for me, with my name , Bob Alou , on it.
by Franklin T-Bone Macaluso March 28, 2013
The act of ribbing JeeP Bedard (Canadian Guitarist) about how he looked like Gino Vanelli when he was younger.
I was just JeeP-ing again ..... I sent JeeP the music video of Gino singing Macalusa , I mean Appalossa , and told him to dye his grey hair dark brown again. LOL
by Franklin T-Bone Macaluso March 29, 2013
The time you spend with your friends sending youtubes back and forth and remembering the good old days. Lynchies favorite video.
We were miles apart , but we chair danced and spent quality RIO Time together.
by Franklin T-Bone Macaluso March 29, 2013
Female genitailia . A Yiddish word I learned from Ben and Silvia Roberts
When I got to college , I finally got some schnuzzy .
by Franklin T-Bone Macaluso March 23, 2013

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