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N. An outfit consisting of a grey hoodie and grey suit pants. Meant to be yelled out loud... DONKEY SUIT!!!
"Did you see those boys wearing thier donkey suits?"
"Yeah, they looked real sexy!"
#donkey #suit #grey #hoodie #sweatpants #fashion #style
by FrankieE February 20, 2014
yo bruv us townies is ace innit yer a bunch o battis innit } example of townie, trendy, chav *trying* to speak. Something seems to have messed up these poor creature's brains or something, as they can't seem to speak in coherent sentences to save their lives.
Townies wear tacky clothes, think everyone is a goff, call everyone a batti or a batti boy, pick fights they'd lose without a knife or their big bro to back them up, and think they're well hard. They'll shout abuse at you in the street, try to start fights, and some of the dodgier, braver, more stupid ones might actually knife you.

They seem to be under the delusion that they are American gangstas from NY, really creep around Leeds or Machester or wherever they live (always in abundance), have at least five little ankle-biters crawling around with them in front of the McDonalds, which is the only place they will ever be able to work (unless they want to collect rubbish) as they've failed everything.

They've got their own Townie language and are actually thick enough to think everyone else understand them as well. They think they're popular, but everyone really loathes them.

They'll drink white lightning and smoke cheap fags and are always trying to act stoned or drunk so they can look cool. Their pants are always hanging out of their cheap £1 tracksuits, and they've got IQs less than 0.

Townies are easily confused, and, like all thick-headed twats, don't like being made fools of, but they're mostly more bark than bite.

grunger: you're a Townie.
Twat: 'm not a Townie!
grunger: then you're a greebo, then?
Twat: Not a fuckin greebo, 'ma Townie, innit!

Not those fecking townies again! This place is a cess-pool!
#chavs #trendys #wannabes #gangstaz #twats
by Frankiee September 15, 2006
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