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The written form of the sound heard in most club music. This word describes a heavy bass tone (un) then a cymbal strike (ce.) Try saying it yourself, pronouncing the un as deep as possible. It sounds a lot like a club beat!
Unce Unce Unce Unce Unce Unce Unce, that's all I ever hear when I go by that building! Most be a club.
by Frank Hughes December 11, 2003
A term of endearment by Rab C Nesbitt before he nuts you!
Cum 'ere ya numpty before I put the heid on ye
by Frank Hughes December 12, 2003
No kiddin'. A numpty is a wee gob stopper ( for you English a small round hard sweet similar in size to an aniseed ball). I've had a box.
Stop sookin' all those numpties - you'll get plukes and you're ugly enough
by Frank Hughes December 12, 2003
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